The ExCEL Center


The ExCEL Center

Raising up a generation who know their God, and their purpose!

The ExCEL Center originated in Houston, Texas, in April of 1998, as an afterschool center, after God placed a burden on Mary’s heart for the at-risk students Mary taught, and others she would see in the streets when leaving her work.

No hope, nor purpose, no supervision. They were latch key kids wasting time until their parents got home. Some parents wouldn’t even come home because they had to work 2 – 3 jobs just to survive. Many of the students were being taking care of by older siblings, not even a couple of years older than them. Due to the lack of supervision, some students fell into hands of drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Many of the students would return to school with undone homework, unbathed and often hungry.

Mary was eager to help these students that she asked an apartment manager if she could have an apartment to teach students. The manager leased her out an apartment and that’s how The ExCEL Center began.

Students would come afterschool and do their homework. They would learn about God’s love, His Word and the plan of God for their life.  They also participated in sports, and dance.

Mary would also serve the parents by offering ESL, GED and Bible classes. The center was growing until in 2000, when the Lord moved Mary and her husband to the Dallas area to help a pastor.  God told her if she would sacrifice the center that one day He would resurrect it.

In the meantime, Mary worked as a principal, but always had the center in her heart. Then in 2011, the Lord asked her to resign from her job and begin The ExCEL Center and focus on ministry.

In 2012, Mary moved back to Houston. It was then that God spoke to her again and said, “The ExCEL Center will not only be an afterschool program, but a Christian School.” This was due to the fact that Mary had been very dissatisfied with the public school that her two boys were attending, and her boys not being accepted into two Christian schools.


What is The ExCEL Center?

The ExCEL Center is a Christian school open to all students, with a low a low tuition fee of $365 per year, per student.  God told Mary, “There are 365 days in a year, so you will charge $365, A Dollar A Day, per year. There are many Christian schools, but due to their strict acceptance policy and high tuition fee, parents are often unable to afford the tuition, especially if they are a single parent with multiple children.  The ExCEL Center also relies on partnerships, private donations, and grants to offset the cost.

The ExCEL Center is a place where students receive a high-quality education in a safe Christian environment.  The students learn God’s word, and His plan for their life.

The ExCEL Center also provides community services and adult education by offering ESL, GED, computer, parenting, citizen classes, and wellness programs, etc.

The ExCEL Center is in its planning phase at this moment. If you would like to contribute or be a part of The ExCEL Center please contact Mary at 729.729.9691.

A Note From The Founder and CEO of The ExCEL Center

From Mary Moseley:

Having been in education for over 25 years, my heart’s cry has been to help and teach people. I have taught and served in low-income schools and high crime communities where gangs, drugs, violence, and teen-pregnancy were occurring.

Though active in the community, serving on various committees to help combat these social problems, I knew that the only hope and solution to deter these individuals from falling into society’s outcast was to have a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

There are many good programs that help deal with social problems, but they only focus on the symptoms and not the root. Drug abuse, alcoholism, gang activity, teen-pregnancy, homosexuality are symptoms, whereas the root stems from inward problems such as fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, guilt, self-hatred, and past hurts. These roots and wounds are often rooted because of dysfunctional upbringings, sexual, physical, and verbal abuse, rape, incest, and divorce. It is only the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ that can “heal these broken hearts and bind up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3), so they can then attain success and become stable citizens in society.

My aim is to provide a center where individuals can get educated, learn God’s Word, experience His unconditional love, and provide social activities and extending learning classes that can help them succeed in life.

Your financial support and prayers will enable me to reach our future generation, and help them become all that God has called them to be.

Meet Mary Moseley

Mary Moseley
Bible Teacher, Minister, Educator, Author and Speaker

Mary has over 25 years of experience in education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters in Educational Administration, and is currently studying for her Doctoral Degree in Education and Ministry.
As an educator, her achievements include: Bilingual Teacher of the Year-Runner-up; HISD Fine Arts Committee Board Member (4 years); HISD Theater Curriculum Writer; Gulfton Area Action Council (GAAC) Representative; Board Member of HACER (Houston Area Cultural Enrichment and Recreation), Impact Ennis, LUPE (Latinos Unidos Por Educación) Committee Member, Alief Superintendent’s Pastoral Network and a member of Christian Educators Association International.
Mary also has been teaching and preaching the Word of God since 1991. In 1992, she began and led a Bible study fellowship, “Fellowship In Him”, for 4 years, after God spoke to her and said, “…feed My sheep”. She continues to preach and minister. She has other ministries “WOW” – Women of Worship, Mujeres de Propósito, and Girls Club Fellowship. Mary can also be heard on her radio broadcast, A Moment with Mary on 100.7 FM The WORD. She has spoken at various non-denominational and Catholic Churches. She is a member of Lakewood Church where she serves faithfully. She formally served as a prayer partner for CET (Community Educational Television) (TBN-Channel 14). She has traveled to Europe, Mexico and Uganda preaching the Gospel; and has held positions as Youth Group Director, Drama Director, Sunday School Teacher, Children’s Ministry Supervisor, Prayer Partner and Coordinator at various churches.

If you would like Mary Moseley to speak at your church or event please contact her at:


[email protected]  or  [email protected]