Mujeres de Propósito


Mujeres de Proposito (Women of Purpose) was birthed as result of Spanish Speaking women were wanting to come to “WOW”, but kept asking Mary if she preached in Spanish. So in prayer, God put it in Mary’s heart to begin Mujeres de Proposito. He said, “the Hispanic people come to America to find the ‘American Dream’, but little do they know, I’ve sent them here to find Me and I will give them a purpose.”

Mujeres de Proposito meets

in Houston at: Tony’s Mexican Restaurant
2222 Ella Street
Houston, TX 77008

and in Ennis at: Holiday Inn Express
601 N. Sonoma Trail
Ennis, TX 75119

Come for a wonderful time of praise, worship, prayer, Bible teaching and fellowship.

Amigos y Fotos de Mujeres de Propósito